To come so far, was never as easy as it seems ... more than everything the moments of internally and externally triggered self-doubt ...

Overview: milestones through the years

Leaked here & there, become more professoinal, went back to my rootes.

2019 | Consolidation

2018 | In search of professionalism

  • IndiePen
  • 🎉 SakuraBinders
  • Neglasnyy Masterskaya ✘: migrating stories & poems into this idea

🎉 Penumbra Gazette

  • Patron wall
  • domain
  • installation


  • Apr | Poems: (internal) decision: not to delete highly personal & intimate poems


  • Lost Ideas Lab's Gazette: evolution from "The Lost Ideas Lab Journal"
  • Sep | The Lost Ideas Lab Journal: rearranging content presentation architecture
  • The Lost Ideas Lab Journal: new design
  • Mar. | Publications: (internal) set of self-doubt on whether to continue publishing anything at all ...


  • Journal 🎉 (The Lost Ideas Lab Journal): introducing "Journal" as an idea from Lost Ideas Lab; evolution from scattered writings (intimate & journalist styles)
  • Story: publishing first short novel online: A Novel In 778 Pages 🎉


  • (background) Migrating to Wordpress
  • (background) Publications: moving all writings to an automatically generated blog for


  • First self-doubts
  • Nov. | announcing the magazine project "Begegnung"
  • Oct. | publishing a story section
  • Feb. | Story: First short story sketch & draft (Am Grenzen des Sexismus)


  • Nov | Poem: "Homeless" draft inspired by Jennette McCurdy's Generation Love
  • Poetry & story-telling secretly started; triggered by getting to know Jennette McCurdy 💖



  • Politics (foreign-policy), philosophy & art online magazine aspiration: self made web designs, never published online due to lack of funds for foreign establishment and otherwise freedom of speech concerns (Iran)

  • Sayeh Roshan (Penumbra) Blog discontinued: my schoolmates' blogs had vibrant readers & mine seemed like a lonely lost space ...


  • Sayeh Roshan (Penumbra) Blog: early piece received recognition by the blogging-engine's founder

  • Journalism after school program: [kind of] discontinued after the teacher betrayed my trust regarding not having permission to put my work on display in the school


  • Home made summer magazine: theme family
  • Award for school wall-magazine
  • Walking home to save the transport money to buy kids magazines