Submission Guideline


If you are not contacted by us for a submission, we strongly recommend you to first read some of the articles published at The Lost Ideas Lab Journal and the review our about section

Before moving on, just take a look at a motivational text about why writing and why you


For the time being the Lost Ideas Lab Journal publishes articles in English and German. Even though our main choice will be English, you are free to chose other languages if necessary ...

For the future we hope to expand our editors to multilingual group of people and be able to publish texts in French and Spanish, if Allah wills.

Style Guideline

Currently our Journal is too young and unable to pay hire an editor but we hope to follow The Chicago Manual of Style ...

Online Journal

The Lost Ideas Lab Journal is an online journal, so like many traditional journals:

  • We organize each couple of articles in a bundle, issue

But because we are an online journal, unlike traditional journals and magazines:

  • We publish articles as soon as they are ready to be published, regardless of our current issue
  • As long as the meaning and style of the article remains the same, it might be possible to change, edit, or update parts of the already published articles ...
  • Even thought our issues are organized based on date, they do not follow any organized time span, so it might be possible that we publish two or more issues in one season and only one in the other, our issues are rather based on the number, quality, theme of the articles which we received, than any deadline ...