If you are interested in publishing your work on a journal with The Lost Ideas Lab Journal's concept, maybe you'd more than welcomed, specially we love to be publishing works of undiscovered talents ... yes, everyone once upon a time didn't create their master piece but still tried to get their writing published ... so, give it a shot ...


We are open to new people and new ideas ... so, if you are interested to publish your thoughts, words, ideas or ... on the Lost Ideas Lab Journal, we recommend you to:

  • First. Get to know someone at Lost Ideas Lab in person, or provide yourself with a reference from someone … it just helps us to know who you are …

  • Second. if we get in touch with you for a submission and you're unsure, whether you have something worth to be told or not, please read otherwise please review our submission guideline

  • Third. Contact us, or better said, get your text, to the person you already get to know from the first step.

maybe you'd more than welcomed, specially we love to be publishing works of undiscovered talents ... yes, everyone once upon a time didn't create their master piece but still tried to get their writing published ... so, give it a shot ...

Lost Ideas Lab, in the name of Hossein, invites you to a sincere invitation to embrace the gift of thinking and observing and art in writing …

Why you?

Taking a look at Lost Ideas Lab’s personal principles, it is obvious that we have no intention to comply with the norms of our society.

So welcome to the reality. You were born just like any other human beings, and even though your parents [probably] had their own dreams for your future and your society its own, most of the times neither the society nor the parents are aware of the gifts that a child is born with.

So, beyond a handful of individuals, the rest of the world may never know of your gift, and this rest of the world contains you, too. Yes, there are always has lived individuals who kind of could see inside the other and realize “oh, that child will make a fabulous football player”, “oh, she could become one of the greatest ballet dancers ever …” and so on, but most of the people first realize your gifts after it is out there, not the mention all the brilliant individuals whose work first came to the attention of public after their death. It is not about ancient greek, even Albert Einstein didn’t receive the noble prize for his most famous theory. People gave him the noble price for a rather trivial theory, cause back then they couldn’t really comprehend the value of his Theory of Relativity.

For a more comprehensive response, please read the article “A Noble Cause”

And even more surprisingly, individual who are born with a gift that is unrecognized for their environment tend to remain in doubt and in conflict with themselves about whether what they are doing is really valuable, if it is really something good, if they shouldn’t rather follow the advice of their parents, teachers, the society …

The truth is no. Because the society and the people who are close to you are the ones who doesn’t understand you and not the other way around. You are born with such gift because such gift is of value to your society and not because you should stand against the forces inside you and overcome yourself in order to be to use for the society or even yourself.

In daily life, you find the society believing in their ability to forecast the talents of every individual on the school, the higher education and later.

Give your gift room to develop and shine …

As stated before, most of the time the gift inside someone remain undiscovered unless it grows and develops and came to wonderful results.

Lost Ideas Lab suggest the three following means to give your talent room for development:

Daily writing

Some people advice young writing enthusiasts to keep a diary, because some of the famous authors indeed kept dairies, but to be honest, we find out, if either you probably keeping a dairy or you won’t, in fact, the diary format has less to do with becoming an author.

Lost Ideas Lab recommends, after the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning, picking up a medium and writing something. It can be thoughts on yesterday, thoughts on tomorrow, a poem, a serious article or whatever, but let yourself a space to write down something.

We also recommend that if you are not audience shy, publishing your writing in the from of a blog, it doesn’t cost anything, of course if your writing is of a specific quality, publishing it on the best medium possible …

Turning such a half hour or one hour practice in the morning into a habit, will not only empowers the development of your gift but be helpful to develop yourself consciously and unconsciously, too.

The Lost Ideas Lab Journal

In case you have some more serious ideas, we kindly recommend you to try to submit your ideas to a magazine, journal or newspaper. Find the best journal and give your best try in convincing them that their audience needs to read what you have written.

In case we know each other in person, we kindly invite you to submit your work to the Lost Ideas Lab Journal.

In case you decide to publish your work on our journal, it might be to help to take a look at the about page, writing tips and the copyright notice for guest contributors …

Short Stories

When you read a novel, it seems like writing it wouldn’t be much a hard task, but if you actually ever tried to write 500 pages out of your imagination, you will see that it harder than it looks like. So, if you have something to say, which could be best expressed in the form of a story, why don’t you first try writing a short story.

Just write as much as you wish and as much as is necessary for the reader to get what you want to express to them.

As a fist time author, you may not easily find an established publishing house to sign a contract with you, but it is essentially important that you show your work to your friends, or in case you think your friends might not much appreciate your talents, show your works to people who need it the most.

At the end of the day …

There is no real rule for what medium to use, what format to start with earlier, find the best that suits you and what you would like to express and bring it to life on paper, on the screen, or whatever you can write on it.

Seriously, does anyone care about what you write?

As someone who is gifted with such talent, it is easy to understand that your eyes are more prone to seeing the shortcoming in the work of someone and in case you pick up the pencil yourself, this someone will be you.

Using your criticism towards your own work as a mean to grow your talents and ability and improve your writings. The first time when a child start to speak the words sound not really as they should but some of those children, later on, turn to adults who are praised for their voice. Your writing has a chance to improve too, but you should be a little patient with it.

The other thing is that some of the best thinkers think that their ideas aren’t that much worth in a world with so many acclaimed author and etc.

But lets face the reality, in a world where a guy can tell let’s build a big fabulous wall, to solve a problem which is caused by the huge inequality in standards of living in a two neighboring country and gains millions of fans, it is a shame the someone who knows the right answers remains silent. It is not about politics or social issues, just think of all the works that you think of them being a crap, yet people pay for them to enjoy them. Don’t you realize that it was wrong that you didn’t say anything? Wasn’t it a shame that you, who have something more important, more useful, more beneficial to say, kept their work in secret, just because they feared of publishing them?